Roadtrippin' | winter travels | New Orleans, Austin, Nashville, Asheville

It was about time for something new:

meet my new baby Fiat! I love the heck out of this tiny thing.

So I did as any logical person does when they buy a new car... put 3,000+ miles on it the first two weeks of owning it. 

The adventure begins: New Orleans. Where music is a tourist attraction. Lots of history. Tarot card readers and buskers on every corner. Also - a daiquiri drive-through bar exists. 

^ I can't tell if they were using "haunted" as a selling point, or warning...

On to the next - 8 hours and 511 miles to Austin, TX. Live music capital. Lives up to its name! Also: vegan ice cream shops, bakeries and juice bars on every corner. EVERY CORNER. My version of heaven, right there.

2016-01-07 14.44.57-1.jpg

We LOVED Austin. Maybe it was the warm weather in January, maybe it was the incredible vegan ice cream from Sweet Ritual... it was hard to leave. (Below: being tourists.)

A painstaking 12 hours and we arrived in Nashville, TN the night before I had planned a shoot with Free People Nashville - which I was (and still am!) psyched about. I'll be sharing those photos in a separate post, up next - can't wait!

Woke up early and decided on a whim to make a last and unexpected stop in Asheville, NC. We didn't spend much time here, but just enough to wander the city, get a fancy masala chai tea, vintage shop, and eat at a farm-to-table spot.

and finally... home.

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Roxanne & Elijah | full of joy | Cambridge City Hall

Roxanne and Elijah are two of the most lovely, gentile, calming, loving and genuine humans I've ever met. Needless to say, they are perfect for each other - both well-traveled, well-read, full of love, full of joy, giving, caring, and they each have a huge heart of gold.

Friends and family were abound for their small city hall celebration, with tears in their eyes and endless smiles on their faces (mine, too).

Here's to you, R&E, and here's to hoping the rest of the world takes after your loving and giving approach to life!

Arriving on the T-8.jpg
City Hall-20.jpg
Roxanne & Elijah-62.jpg
Roxanne & Elijah-79.jpg

So much love!

Alba & Ben | classic Boston winter wedding | Hampshire House | February 2015

Oh, charming old Boston winter love!

We danced late into the night as snow began to fall outside the windows. With a softly snow-dusted Boston Common as the most perfect backdrop, the two were married at the Hampshire House on Beacon Street, full of timeless classic charm. 

With lots of (winter) love & warmth,