nostalgia | autumn in Vermont in our sweet little cabin

I have been around the world and no where is quite as beautiful as New England in the fall...

Going through the archives (aka cleaning out three external hard drives) and my heart swells with a big wave of nostalgia... a perfect weekday (read: wedding photographer weekend) getaway to rural Vermont in the fall.

Post unrelated to much else, but hey, since this is "my" blog, these make my heart so happy, and I want to feel that way again and again... so hence, this post, these photos.





love in VT | L + J's summer camp mountaintop wedding

Oh so thrilled to be back at my most favorite "wedding venue" - Ohana Family Camp in Fairlee, Vermont.

I am absolutely thrilled by Vermont, have been since I was a kid - the green, the mountains, the big sky, the small towns, everything about it is romantic to me. What a perfect, perfect place for a wedding, then...

Laura + John's family and friends camped the weekend with them in summer camp-style cabins, then danced the night away to celebrate their love. A perfect, perfect day into a perfect, perfect weekend.

so much love + congrats Laura + John! xo


Margarita + Victor | charming Vermont barn wedding

Going through these photos again gave me the best feeling - I loved every second of this wedding, and this entire weekend, which I spent in Vermont - where I went for the first time this June, and then a second time two weekends later for this second VT wedding. I'm really digging this work-trip-to-Vermont thing. I could get used to this.

I spent the whole weekend there - by myself too, which really made it even lovelier... often times during crazy work (wedding) season I find my intrinsically reserved self feeling socially overwhelmed, and rightfully so, considering I meet so many people during such a high-energy event like a wedding... so this solo escape was so rejuvenating. Friday I took myself on a date in Burlington, where I've wanted to go since I moved to New England and finally made the time. Ate lots and walked lots and wandered in and out of art galleries and street festivals. Drove an hour up and down mountains to Warren. I stayed at the Warren Falls Inn, which was walking distance to the falls (which were beautiful but freezing) and running (I ended my morning jogs with coffee from the general store) distance to downtown Warren, which is essentially one restaurant, a gas station and said general store. And that's it. It was lovely.

The morning of Margarita & Victor's wedding I hiked for a few hours to + past Sunset Ledge (as per a recommendation on their wedding website - thank you for that, M&V!) which was honestly the most incredible way to start a day of work - until you discover that reception action is happening on the first AND third floors of the venue, so the wedding includes 8 hours of stair climbing with very very sore quads and calves. Haha!

Anyway - I am so thrilled to share these images, not only because this wedding was beautiful, so so charming, low-key and full of LOVE - but also because this weekend meant a lot to me, and reminded me how important it is to take yourself on a vacation, buy yourself dinner and a cocktail in Burlington, hike alone, chat with kind strangers in the general store, make friends with other guests at the Inn and always, ALWAYS stretch before you hike (because you might have to climb 50 flights of stairs later that evening.) ;)

Margarita and Victor are the real deal, their love is genuine and so affluent it's visible in just one look at them. Venues: Wilder Farm Inn and Skinner Barn. love love love. Thanks for looking / listening. xo


so much love.




Juliana + Steve | rustic Vermont camp wedding | Ohana Family Camp

So excited to finally get to share images from maybe one of my favorite weddings to date - a beautiful, sunny, love-filled day in Fairlee, Vermont at Ohana Family Camp.

Steve and Juliana are the sweetest! Their day was beautiful, everything from the weather to their antique book centerpieces to the lavender petals thrown down the aisle to the speeches and poems read to great tunes and dance moves to their artisan food and beautifully crafted cocktails (which, lucky me, I did get to try.) Steve + Juliana, can't wait to dance with you again - until then, congrats and ALL the love. xoxo

Juliana & Steve-0113.jpg
Juliana & Steve-8167.jpg