T + R | Arizona sunset engagement shoot with mountains, magic and a vintage car (!)

WOW! Bisbee is beautiful! And so are these two.

magic was in the sky this day and love in the air… x

(+ when your friend has a slick vintage Camaro….)

BISBEE, you never cease to amaze me (LOOK at that SKY). TIFFANY AND RYAN, you either…

Oh so excited for my cool friends (and first friends in AZ! And the reason I am even here!) to tie the knot. Rad.

so much love.


T & R-8596.jpg
T & R-8642.jpg
T & R-8665.jpg
T & R-8653.jpg
T & R-8586.jpg
T & R-8700.jpg
T & R-7268_1.jpg
T & R-7282_1.jpg
T & R-7294.jpg
T & R-7296_1.jpg
T & R-7322.jpg
T & R-7340_1.jpg
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T & R-8898.jpg
T & R-8989.jpg



February love in Boston | Beacon Hill + Harborwalk engagement shoot with Haley

Absolutely in love with this springtime Beacon Hill + Moakley Courthouse / Harborwalk engagement session by my incredible (and incredibly lovely) associate photographer Haley.

Congrats to Nicole + Chris (who get married in Hawaii, where the sun will shine much more than in Boston in February!)


Nicole and Christopher-8956.jpg
Nicole and Christopher-0149.jpg
Nicole and Christopher-0157.jpg
Nicole and Christopher-0249.jpg
Nicole and Christopher-0189.jpg
Nicole and Christopher-0198.jpg

Photographed by Haley

Please get in touch for more information on working with the amazing Photo Team! x


Rockport MA sneak peak | Cat + Ji in love

Happy summer, my loves! Oh, what a summer... as usual I've spent most of it with a camera in front of my face, so much so that I rarely get to share any images. Trying to do so lately, trying to slow down and not stress, because I've realized (and what an epiphany it has been!) slowing down actually makes me more productive. You, too?

Anyway. Wanted to share a special shoot yesterday from a beautiful place...

"Working" yesterday in lovely little Rockport. Stepped out onto Bearskin Neck and was surprised how much I recalled from nearly six years ago - here's the ice cream shop and the hippie store, there's the sweet inn with wallpaper I loved, here's the inlet where a stranger let us look through a telescope and see the craters on the moon. I've seen so many changes over six years that it was comforting, to say the least, to find a part of my memory that hadn't become incongruent with time... anyway, Cat + Ji are lovely and in love. Thanks for taking me on a new/old adventure of a place I had forgotten I loved so much.


all my (summer) love,