T + R | Arizona sunset engagement shoot with mountains, magic and a vintage car (!)

WOW! Bisbee is beautiful! And so are these two.

magic was in the sky this day and love in the air… x

(+ when your friend has a slick vintage Camaro….)

BISBEE, you never cease to amaze me (LOOK at that SKY). TIFFANY AND RYAN, you either…

Oh so excited for my cool friends (and first friends in AZ! And the reason I am even here!) to tie the knot. Rad.

so much love.


T & R-8596.jpg
T & R-8642.jpg
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magical Iceland | elopement at a secret waterfall | K+J

"ég elska þig."

Maybe you read my blog post from 2014, many many moons ago, where I raved about an unreal week spent hiking glaciers, hunting for waterfalls and going out dancing under the Midnight Sun. Oh, I feel so much gratitude for the strange serendipity that brought this opportunity into my life (serendipity or, manifestation? What do we call it? I don't really know, so I've just settled on "magic.")

From the moment it started this adventure was nothing short of magic. I saw the Northern Lights from the airplane. Watched them dance from my cozy seat in a hot tub (!). Chased the end of a double rainbow. Made friends with Icelandic horses. Hiked between tectonic plates. Hunted for secret waterfalls and the ever-so-perfect spot for K+J to say their vows.

K + J are New England natives but avid travelers and escaped to Iceland to say their vows + I do's. What a dream.

Here are a few favorite moments from exploring the Icelandic countryside with these two lovers...


DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1128.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5312.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5346.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5382.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5389.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5395.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5486.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5443.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5513.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5570.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5603.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1272.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1457.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1491.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5736.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5765.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1370.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1377.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5296.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-6106.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-6114.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1632.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1563.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5848.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1595.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-6127.jpg

Love love love.

(P.S. I'd be thrilled to adventure somewhere new with you to photograph your love!)