T + R | Arizona sunset engagement shoot with mountains, magic and a vintage car (!)

WOW! Bisbee is beautiful! And so are these two.

magic was in the sky this day and love in the air… x

(+ when your friend has a slick vintage Camaro….)

BISBEE, you never cease to amaze me (LOOK at that SKY). TIFFANY AND RYAN, you either…

Oh so excited for my cool friends (and first friends in AZ! And the reason I am even here!) to tie the knot. Rad.

so much love.


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across America | road trip RI to AZ


Midwestern views - much more beautiful than I could have fathomed. 

Pittsburg for one night. St. Louis for one more. Ate lots of veggie food. Walked around a park. Went for a run. Stopped in Indianapolis for CDs (K's Kia has no aux cord...) but bought vinyl instead and listened to Neil Young's greatest hits CD 10 more times. Which wasn't a bad choice at all.

Pitstop on Route 66.

Little detour / photo shoot in Red Rock Canyon state park in Oklahoma.

My beautiful travel partner-in-crime.

Magical New Mexico! Santa Fe. Bought too much jewelry, too many rocks, and a Navajo rug that I love dearly.

On the New Mexico / Arizona state line (the most fascinating drive).

Took the exit for Walnut Canyon, ended up in Heaven.

Arizona highway views.

Scenes from our sweet little bed and breakfast in Cottonwood.

Sedona: can't wait to go back - hiking, wine tasting, cocktails made with wheatgrass, energy vortexes (!), new agey things, crystals, veggie food, big sky, hiking, hiking, hiking.

Left my heart on the top of Cathedral Rock.

Back in RI for a month or five and it feels... great, actually. (I might plan an escape somewhere in there... actually, I definitely will.) Giving this "home" thing a try for a while and I'm lucky, ohhh so lucky, to have Providence to call it for the next couple of months. 

Where to next?