beautiful evening with Nomad Kitchen at Object Limited in Bisbee, AZ

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I am thoroughly giddy like a grandma, baking cookies and bread for my love, my friends, and my friends who have become my family. I love where I have been living and am so lucky to have beauty around every turn (or in this case, just a quick walk down Main Street.) Thanks for the invite + hosting, Nomad Kitchen.

Planning & event: Nomad Kitchen

Venue: Object Limited

Food: Cafe Roka, Bisbee

Sweets: Jackie Oatman

Florals: Bloommaven, Tucson AZ

Styling & rentals: Dust & Heritage

Music: The Unexploded Phonographs & later jam session (+dogs)


happy thanksgiving, give your families (blood related or not) a big big hug.

nostalgia | autumn in Vermont in our sweet little cabin

I have been around the world and no where is quite as beautiful as New England in the fall...

Going through the archives (aka cleaning out three external hard drives) and my heart swells with a big wave of nostalgia... a perfect weekday (read: wedding photographer weekend) getaway to rural Vermont in the fall.

Post unrelated to much else, but hey, since this is "my" blog, these make my heart so happy, and I want to feel that way again and again... so hence, this post, these photos.