magical Iceland | elopement at a secret waterfall | K+J

"ég elska þig."

Maybe you read my blog post from 2014, many many moons ago, where I raved about an unreal week spent hiking glaciers, hunting for waterfalls and going out dancing under the Midnight Sun. Oh, I feel so much gratitude for the strange serendipity that brought this opportunity into my life (serendipity or, manifestation? What do we call it? I don't really know, so I've just settled on "magic.")

From the moment it started this adventure was nothing short of magic. I saw the Northern Lights from the airplane. Watched them dance from my cozy seat in a hot tub (!). Chased the end of a double rainbow. Made friends with Icelandic horses. Hiked between tectonic plates. Hunted for secret waterfalls and the ever-so-perfect spot for K+J to say their vows.

K + J are New England natives but avid travelers and escaped to Iceland to say their vows + I do's. What a dream.

Here are a few favorite moments from exploring the Icelandic countryside with these two lovers...


DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1128.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5312.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5346.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5382.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5389.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5395.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5486.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5443.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5513.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5570.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5603.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1272.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1457.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1491.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5736.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5765.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1370.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1377.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5296.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-6106.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-6114.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1632.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1563.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-5848.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-1595.jpg
DanielaDawson IcelandElopement-6127.jpg

Love love love.

(P.S. I'd be thrilled to adventure somewhere new with you to photograph your love!)