thank you. gratitude

evening thinking...

Just looked at my own blog and the latest four entries are from shoots in four different states... I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up but I knew I wanted to travel and definitely not sit behind a desk. I feel like one day I woke up and realized I had my dream job. I'm so lucky, sometimes I just wait for something to go horribly wrong because I feel so lucky to get to do something for work that really isn't work at all... even more so than that even, my job is FUN, I look forward to working... "working"... I feel so fortunate. I'm really grateful, more than I can articulate properly in words, so I guess I'll just continue to exist happily and hope that's enough to inspire someone else to do the same. I am in the middle of what is my work season and I'm having so much fun I keep catching myself thinking "I wonder when work will get crazy" because it's actually a great time... I've figured out how to manage my time and my stress level (took a few years for sure) and I am finally in a place where I feel productive but simultaneously so pleased with other aspects of my life. My clients (besides one large company who will not be named) are such down to earth people and so full of LOVE that I can't not enjoy my time around them. I don't know how I was able to curate such wonderful people around me, but I'm damn lucky that I did. (Thank you for being who you are. Sincerely.)

Anyway, it's not often we feel inspired to share a positivity rant, so I thought I'd do so when I felt inspired to. Life's good if you let it be. Appreciate what you've got and one day you might wake up with your dream job. manifest!