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More from my India travels: Pushkar, India.

At this point in my travels I linked up with a group of other photographers via Field Trip - and I was oh so glad I did! So many new friends + adventures I wouldn't have gone on (wouldn't have even known I could go on) on my own. In a few days I leave for California, for the OG Field Trip - where we take over a beautiful campground in the SoCal wilderness and learn from a ton of talented people and meet hundreds of more talented people. And there's a dance party (which is 90% why I signed up.)

Pushkar: lovely, small, slow-paced holy city, the heart of which is Pushkar Ghat, where like the Ganges the locals come to bathe and pray on a daily basis. Since Pushkar is so holy, all areas surrounding the ghat are all vegetarian including no eggs - so for me (trying to eat as vegan as possible) this was a DREAM! Pushkar is SO holy that an American acquaintance nearly got himself thrown out of our hotel when he tried to kill a bug. Eek! Pushkar was low-key and totally what I needed after spending time alone in Delhi. All the shopkeepers wanted to have a long chat with you (and offer you chai), there were many other travelers (hippie central over there) and the CAMEL FAIR! THOUSANDS of camels (and their owners, obv) come to Pushkar to buy/sell/trade/breed camels for the upcoming year. The residents have taken to turning this into a huge event with carnival rides, camel rides, food, shows, etc. It's awesome. I would absolutely return to Pushkar on my next trip to India.

Early morning camel fair adventure at sunrise.

... and the next day - setting out on a camel safari into the Rajasthan desert (+ camping under the stars ... and in a lot of dust.) 

Pro tip: camels are NOT comfortable to ride for extended periods of time. Opt for the caravan. I eventually did.

A new friend took this of me riding a camel named Krishna and looking way more comfortable than I actually was :)

Goodnight Rajasthan.

Next post: Jodhpur. much shorter I promise.