personal | chasing waterfalls at Stepstone Falls + 5 AM run

Hi, I'm turning into a spokesperson for Rhode Island tourism - we have some freaking beautiful nature. Just saying. Last week a friend invited me on a hike which ended with my favorite thing: impromptu swimming. Plus my NEW favorite thing: swimming in a waterfall. Doesn't get much better.

Today I woke up too early and made the best of it with a seven mile run - and I think this might become a regular thing. It was so great. The city was empty. I passed less than five people downtown. I was up before the coffee shops opened. (Providence likes to sleep in.) Did some yoga by the water. Got a lot of thinking done.

You know those days when you put your Spotify/Itunes/whatever on shuffle and it plays the PERFECT playlist for your mood? That happened. And I made a playlist to share based on the random perfection Spotify generated from a Starred playlist shuffle. So behold, the 5 AM run playlist: chill enough for sunrise but groovy enough to run to.

For your listening pleasure: (recommended pairing: very early morning run + meditation.)

Today's mantra (see previous post!) - "your life unfolds in proportion to your courage." ommmm. 

Hope to see you on the running trail or swimming in a waterfall soon. All the love.