favorite moments | click for gallery!

In an effort to update my website (which is a very slow process and will never be quite complete) I've gathered some of my favorite wedding images in one place. I'd love your thoughts on the curation and content of them, as well as your thoughts on portfolio structure (want to see just highlight photos, or full galleries of weddings?) 

This has been an entirely helpful process regardless... here's what I've learned: 
I am tired of looking at wedding pictures. Not in a bad way, though. I love taking them. But I'm tired of looking at weddings all the same way. A funny thing is happening - I'm paying more and more attention to the tiniest moments, the ones that are always unique, the ones that only happen between two people or at this place at this time... and these are the photos that I love (and hopefully you do, too.)
My favorite pictures have become the smallest moments. The quiet ones, the time spent anticipating. The nervous fidgeting, the don'twanttoletgo hugs, belly laughs so big they can be captured on camera. Handwritten notes. Dirty shoes. Messy cake. Moms crying. Grooms crying. A spontaneous twirl around the dance floor. All good things and all important moments - even the seemingly insignificant ones.
I am realizing that to be this is what photography is all about, anyway - capturing the moments that would have slipped right through your fingers.