Tuesday thoughts | on shot lists and such <3

Some thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon... Hope you'll understand and agree (and hopefully this makes your wedding planning and photo prep a little easier and less stressful.) :)

To my lovely clients and potential clients... please, I beg of you, don't send me a copy-and-paste shot list. Nothing hurts my heart more than receiving a shot list that lists "bride walking down the aisle" and "cake cutting" on it. If you don't think your photographer is capable of capturing these moments without being prompted, you shouldn't hire them. WeddingWire and The Knot etc etc has scared the daylights out of every bride wanting to capture every damn Pinterest-worthy moment of her wedding day. I have news for you - your wedding is not going to look identical to the one you pinned or the one you liked on Style Me Pretty. Yes, you will get a photo of you walking down the aisle and cutting your cake without being prompted. You will get photos of you in your dress and of your bouquet without being prompted. You won't, however (unless you want to take a lot of time and inconvenience and really, really, try hard) get a photo that looks exactly likethatoneyoureallylovedandpinnedtoyourweddinginspoboardfourtimes because this is YOUR wedding day and it's unique. And that's how your photos are taken, too. Unique to your day. I photograph weddings because I think they are each beautiful in their own way. That being said - I won't miss your shot-list-worthy moments (and I don't need a list to know to take them.) I will, however, take a hundred other pictures of the nearly-missed, in-between, inside-joke, special-because-you-haven't-seen-it-on-any-wedding-blog moments that happen on your day and your day only. That is the kind of photographer I am. That is why I love what I do. Not because I shoot your kiss at the altar, first dance, cake cutting and then call it a day. Thank you for understanding. /rant