Devon + Andrew | halloween wedding love

Happy December! After a month of traveling without any decent wifi... I'm psyched to finally share these pictures from one of my favorite weddings this year.

Let me tell you about my rad clients Devon and Andrew. The were married on Halloween a stone's throw from Salem - and it wasn't spooky at all. And she proposed to him. SHE PROPOSED TO HIM. And walked herself down the aisle. Her bouquet was made from dried flowers. And she wore blue shoes. Because who says just because it's tradition it applies to every one of us? This is what I'm talking about - I love weddings when they are true to the couple being wed. That's the way it should be, and no tradition should tell you otherwise. Props to Devon + Andrew for trailblazing, being courageous and mostly for being awesome (and throwing a kickass party!)

  • Venue: Smith Barn
  • Coordinator: Tammy Messina
  • Hair + makeup: NV The Salon
  • DJ: Ron Raymond
  • Catering: venue/Gary Clemenzi
  • Limo: Webb Transportation