Merry Christmas! love + light to you! | L+J's winter wedding magic

2015 is coming to an end and today is the eve of my favorite holiday - though I am not exclusively religious of any kind I love Christmas for the culture surrounding it - one of warmth, family, friends and appreciation for what we have. I am overwhelmed more than ever with this appreciation this year and have found myself many times totally overcome with the strangest mix of joy and feeling undeserving for so much goodness and really just so grateful to exist how, where and when I do. The world is not always a perfect place but when it is, it's damn beautiful - sometimes we need this dynamic to make us realize how great it really is when it's good.

I am so beyond grateful for who and what I have surrounding me, if you're reading this please know this includes you as well - you've somehow wandered to my website which supports my art that keeps me creative and sane and stable (financially but really in many ways) and thank you so much for being here and keeping me going and doing what I do (and love). I hope somehow, in whatever way, I can repay that feeling to you, too.

Happy holidays and new year to you, your family and the friends who feel like family. Sending so much love - hope you feel it!

(These are my awesome new friends Liz + Jim, who were married about a week ago, and who LOVE Christmas, so naturally, I love them too.)