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P.S. - I have awesome reviews on Yelp. (You make me blush.)

Me awkwardly trying to navigate social media: @indigo_violet

Hi, welcome to my little slice of the internet. 

I'm a Floridian New Englander, cat mom, chronic wanderluster and hobby collector. (Lately: collaging, thrifting for psychedelic vintage clothes, and baking the perfect gluten free baguette.) Always planning my next adventure. 

My style (in all things, not just photography) is honesty and artful authenticity. And real love.

You're probably here because you want some photos taken. Cool, I want to take them.

I (Daniela) also want to travel a lot. I've been thrilled to get so many inquiries over the past few years that I've begun working with other photographers to cover weddings + events when I am booked or traveling - we cover all of New England (and hey, anywhere, really, we're been sent as far as Iceland, who knows where next... say the word!)


We're a team! It's really, really sweet. When you contact me, I'll send you availability info for me + my photographer babes. I am entirely confident in their abilities to capture your wedding, love, family reunion, dance party, whateveritmaybe that needs capturing. And it's going to be GREAT. (I've got plenty more info about this, just drop me a line.)